DoubleBlak Digital Forensics is a Digital Forensics web site aimed at helping forensic examiners.

I am Ian Whiffin, an ex-Law Enforcement Officer / Digital Forensics Examiner with a mid-sized municipal police agency.

I now work for one of the world leaders in Digital Forensics and Digital Intelligence Analysis.

Note that this website is my own side-project and was started while still a serving police examiner. All opinions and tools are my own not related to my full time role.

I have over twenty years experience in IT, 17 years in Policing (split between the UK and Canada) and over 10 years in Digital Forensics. I have testified as a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Digital Forensics in courts in Canada, UK, US and Australia and have experience in the examination of computers, cell phones and other digital devices using not only a range of vendor tools but with software tools I write myself to fill the gaps left by vendors. Some of these tools are available for free in the Software section of this site.

I am trained with numerous forensic software tools related to mobile devices and computers and in JTAG, ChipOff, ISP, Visual NAND Reconstructor and enjoy tinkering with Hardware Reverse Engineering. I have been writing my own software for many years using numerous different languages including C#, VB, Obj-C, ASP, PHP, Python and Javascript.

ArtEx Scavenger

ArtEx is my free iOS Research and Validation tool, allowing examination of extracted data and Jailbroken devices.

Click here for more information.

Scavenger CTF is a custom CTF engine built for fun.

Coming Soon!

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BrowserState.db last_viewed_time? (Again)
Ian Whiffin - 2nd July 2024
A follow up post to my previous last_viewed_time post in BrowserState.db

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Apple Maps - Visited Location?
Ian Whiffin - 27th February 2024
Was an Apple Maps route location actually visited - and the journey it takes to get the answer.

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BrowserState.db last_viewed_time?
Ian Whiffin - 24th November 2023
A blog to answer a fairly common question about Safari's BrowserState.db and the meaning of last_viewed_time.

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